Our second shirt design back in 2018 is our first product that we were able to manufacture and sell to people from all over the world. This elevated us from being just a small brand in the Philippines into a worldwide movement. 

Greece Naysh with Gerardo Viejo (World Class Sous Chef)
Aussie Naysh with Harry Clarke (2019 World Champion)

Murica Naysh with Chase Hiller (2019 Downhill Skater of the Year)  

We only produced around 30 shirts and they were out of our hands quickly. Despite having a demand for them, we decided not to make more because we weren’t entirely happy with the overall quality of the print. For some shirts, the print color started to fade after a few washes and this was not a good sign. This was only our second time to try to make shirts and clearly, we didn’t have all the knowledge we needed to know on how we can produce good quality products.

 Artsy photo of Joaquin Romero's faded shirt

This led us away from silk screen printing for a while and focus on embroidered products instead. We were able to produce several of these and gain a lot of experience in making different kinds of products. 

 Might not be visible but here's an exteremly rare embroidered version

While the embroidered stuff was great, we knew deep down that we had to recreate the shirt that really put us on the map and make them available on the site so that more people can get their hands on them. We did not have an easy time trying to accomplish this. We procured samples with many suppliers only to be disappointed by the quality again and again, and It took us around 6 months to find the right supplier and finally proceed mass production. 

 Another failed sample :(

It took us a while to get here but we’re extremely stoked to officially release the LINES shirt to everyone in the world tomorrow.  We also made some thrifty hats to complete the look.

Heres a lil sneak peak of the final products: 

It might not be easy for us to find the right resources to create the best quality merchandise but we did not let this stop us from giving each project everything we have so that we can provide everyone with best final product. We believe that this is part of what makes our tag line "For the Naysh, By the Naysh" so special. 

Homies wearing different generations of the LINES shirt

We hope that you enjoyed this piece we put together sharing our 2 year journey to make this collection possible. 

Stay tuned for the official drop TOMORROW (September 15, 2020). 

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