Naysh is not a magazine. Naysh is not a clothing brand. Naysh is not a group of people. Naysh is not just a word.

Naysh is a living idea that evolves through time. Our mission is to find ways to express that idea and share it with the world.

Disclaimer, we did not create the word Naysh. The term was coined by ‘h3h3 productions’ in a wildly viral video called “Vape Nation”. At first, we casually referenced it whenever we saw someone vaping. It wasn’t long till people realized that you didn’t have to vape in order to naysh and that was when everything changed.

Naysh is a word that rolls off the tongue easily and is just so much fun to toss around. Funnily enough, the word doesn't have any real meaning. We simply love saying it because it can be used in any sentence and in any context. We nayshed every single chance we had, every single day. We said it so much that it may have even annoyed a lot of people, but we had too much fun to care. We knew that it had an extremely powerful energy that deeply strengthened the relationships with those who we shared it with. 

Photo by Sam Cowper

We didn’t invent naysh but we want to share it with everyone. Our very first idea was a magazine. We envisioned a platform where people from all over the world could share their stories and passions through visual storytelling. We soon realized that we were not ready to fully execute this idea. We accepted this reality and moved on thinking that we can still come back to it in the future.

Original magazine layout by Katsy Garcia

A few months later, we used our design skills & produced shirts. We printed one design - our very first design - on 20 shirts. The Naysh hype was just starting. To say that the shirts sold like hotcakes is an understatement. Everyone wanted one and everyone still wants one. We’d be wearing a Naysh shirt out & meeting people. The first thing they ask is “I want your shirt, take it off right now”. We actually have no problem trying to sell our stuff at all, the real problem that we always have now is how we can make enough. We are puzzled as to why people want our stuff so badly. We’d like to believe it’s because Naysh represents more than just a clothing brand.

Photo taken from Katsy's film archives

It’s an unexplainable feeling. To create something that only existed in our minds, bring it to life and see that people are actually as into it as we are. It’s even more unexplainable to see that we’re getting attention from all over the world. That’s what keeps us going.

Naysh might be just another hip slang word that has faded into existence like many before it’s time. For us, the naysh is alive and it will continue to stay alive. 

Stay tuned for more blogs coming up real soon! 



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    Iced mocha blunt slides erryday errynaysh

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    Yeah Naysh🤙
    Skate soon

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