5 Questions with Selina Woo Bhang

Selina Bhang is graphic artist and commercial model from Manila. She boasts an impressive portfolio for both her designing and modeling work. We started collaborating with her late in 2020 to revamp the brand identify of the naysh and she absolutely crushed it to say the least.

Creatives like Selina can be some of the most interesting characters and without them, we would not have any of the dope art that we use for our merch. To show our appreciation, we took a bit of time to get to know more about Selina and highlight her colorful personality.  

Hi Selina!


  • Do you personally use the word naysh? If yes, how often do you use it? 

    I actually do! Depends on the situation, but usually when something really interesting or cool happens haha. It kinda rolls off the tongue if my friend shows a pretty insane thing and I’d yell out “Naaaaysh”. 


  • What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

    I was inspired by a lot of the movies I watch and the graphic novels I read as a kid: two things that are still influential in my style and brainstorming process. 

     In my younger years, my dad was persistent to shower me with so much beautiful culture which only added even more to my preferences and my grasp for what helps me conceptualize—something I’m very thankful for. When it comes to that “first love” for what inspired me to become a graphic designer, I’d say my very first inspiration came from the title sequences from all sorts of movies I watched growing up. As a kid, I really loved the one from Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn. Apart from title sequences, however, I’d like to say that anything I put my eyes on continues to inspire me as a designer because there are so many things, moments, and people to draw inspiration from! 

  • Which artists/designers have influenced your work the most?

    I always credit people like Saul Bass for waking up the design sense in me ever since I saw my first Hitchcock film as a kid. Once I looked at what he created, I couldn’t shake a lot of the work out of my head to the point where I just thought: “wow, I’d love to create stuff that good some day.”

    Apart from Saul Bass himself, my other modern day heroes would definitely be Michael Bierut and Annie Atkins. Michael Bierut is pretty much the godfather of modern graphic design because he was responsible for building so many amazing identities in the design world. Annie Atkins, on the other hand, is a movie set graphic designer! Her works can be seen in a lot of Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg movies—something I learned about while listening to her podcast episode with 99% Invisible (which I like to hear every now and then because it inspires me to this day).


  • How do you balance being a graphic designer and being a model? 

    Such a tricky question!

    Personally, I’m so thankful that I even have the persistence to do both in this lifetime—especially in this pandemic. I genuinely have a difficult time answering this question considering even I don’t think I’ve got the whole balancing act figured out yet. If there’s an answer to sum it all up, however, I’d probably say that my drive comes from the fact that I’m inspired and motivated by my own goals. 

    While I’m not necessarily the type to intricately map out my whole life, I just like to do my best with any given opportunity—best summed in a mindset where I would say I have the balance of knowing what I want to do, but being open to the moment I don’t. The book “The Quarter Life Breakthrough” by Adam Smiley Poswolsky is what I credit for helping me build this mindset because it opened my perspective to a lot of things! I know it’s a slightly vague answer, but I’m also figuring things out along the way—haha!

  • What other hobbies and interests do you have that keep you busy in your free time? 

    My quarantine hobbies at the moment are yoga and meditation—but I think I wouldn’t have trouble with keeping up even after the lockdown! During this lockdown, I also rekindled my passion for film and recently built up a movie list. In terms of giving myself a break, I personally like to destress and shut myself off from work, so I’ve been making it a habit to down my usage of social media during the weekends. I’ve also been reading a lot (not articles or materials related to work, just reading for leisure and pure enjoyment!) 

    Another interesting activity I picked up in the pandemic is something called “Discord Theatre.” To make for more enjoyable yet safe movie nights, my friend started a Discord “Theatre”: something where we take turns in picking a movie of the week! For the last one, it was Memoiries of Murder by Bong Joon-ho. 

    *leave a short message for the naysh here* 

    Thank you Naysh for having me, and a big thank you for trusting me with your identity refresh—definitely one of my favorite works from 2020. I pretty much went all-out on it and just had a great time piecing things together. Loving the new merch so much and I’m excited to see the rest!”

    Check out more of Selinas amazing work here:

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